Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Pay2.House?

Pay2.House is a payment system that allows users to make payments, currency exchanges, and fund transfers within the system and to other payment platforms.

We offer a fast, secure, and convenient service for managing your finances in digital format.

How many accounts can I create in Pay2.House?

In Pay2.House, you can create up to three accounts for each currency within your account.

After successful verification, this limit is lifted, and you can create an unlimited number of accounts.

Which currencies does Pay2.House support for account creation?

You can create accounts in multiple currencies, including USD, EUR, and USDT (Tether USDT on the TRC20 blockchain) for convenient fund reception.

How can I top up my Pay2.House account?

To top up your Pay2.House account, go to the "Account Top-Up" section, select the top-up method, enter the account and top-up amount, and complete the payment on the payment page.

After completing the payment, your funds will be credited to the selected account in the Pay2.House system.

How to fund your Pay2.House account using Visa/MasterCard?

Currently, direct funding of Pay2.House accounts with Visa/MasterCard is not available. However, you can use the services of external partners.

To successfully fund your Pay2.House account, follow these steps:

1. Go to the "My Accounts" section on your Pay2.House account.

2. Select the "Cryptocurrency Accounts" tab and copy your Tether USDT address in TRC20 format.

3. Visit a currency exchange rate monitoring website, such as, to choose the best exchange rate.

4. Go to the chosen exchange website, perform the fund exchange operation using your Tether USDT address in TRC20 format.

After completing the exchange operation, the funds will be reflected in your Pay2.House account.

How can I transfer funds to another account within the Pay2.House system?

To transfer funds to another account within the Pay2.House system, go to the "Transfers" section, select the "Internal Transfer" option, enter the recipient account number and transfer amount.

After confirming the transfer, the funds will be credited to the specified account in the Pay2.House system.

Can I transfer funds between different currency accounts within the Pay2.House system?

Yes, you can instantly transfer funds between different currency accounts within the Pay2.House system.

Using the "Currency Exchange" section, you can quickly convert funds from one currency account to another without the need for long processing periods.

This allows you to flexibly manage your finances and make instant fund transfers between different currency accounts.

How long does it take for funds to be credited to the account after topping up in Pay2.House?

Funds are usually credited to your Pay2.House account instantly after the successful completion of the payment.

However, crediting to the USDT cryptocurrency account (Tether USDT on the TRC20 blockchain) takes a little more time and can be credited within 30 minutes.

If you experience delays or issues with fund crediting, it is recommended to contact Pay2.House support for additional information and assistance.

What is the Business Index in your account?

The Business Index is an indicator of the business activity level of your account in Pay2.House.

This indicator is calculated by the system based on the duration of active usage of the Pay2.House system.

The Business Index provides information on how actively and regularly you use the platform, which can be useful for assessing your business activity and the efficiency of financial operations.

Do you have an API?

Yes, Pay2.House has its own API, which allows easy integration of your website or service for accepting payments.

With the API, you can track your balance in real-time, automatically process payments, manage transactions, and many other functions.

Our API is designed with simplicity and reliability in mind, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Pay2.House payment capabilities into your website or application.


Why is account verification necessary in Pay2.House?

Account verification in Pay2.House is necessary to ensure the security and protection of users, as well as compliance with legal requirements and international standards.

Verification helps confirm the user's identity and protect the account from unauthorized access and fraud. It helps prevent cases of fake or dishonest accounts.

Account verification allows Pay2.House to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements and combat terrorism financing. It helps prevent illegal activities and protect the service from abuse.

A verified account builds trust among other users and partners. This promotes more successful transactions and allows access to additional features and advantages on the platform.

After account verification, you can access enhanced features and services, such as higher transaction limits, the use of additional payment methods, or participation in special program offers.

How can I protect my account login?

Create a unique password containing a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using obvious passwords, such as birthdays or simple words. It is also important to regularly update your password.

Enable two-factor authentication for an additional level of security. This allows you to confirm your identity by entering an additional code or using an authentication app with each login attempt.

Never share your login, password, or other account information with others or in response to suspicious requests. Pay2.House will never ask you for your password or personal data via email or messages.

Regularly check your account activity and transactions. If you notice any suspicious activity, immediately report it to Pay2.House support.

Can I disable confirmation for payments and transfers in the Pay2.House system?

In the Pay2.House system, security and protection are a priority, so confirmation for payments and transfers cannot be completely disabled.

This provides an additional level of security and protection against unauthorized transactions.

I lost access to my financial phone, what should I do?

If you have lost access to your financial phone, immediately contact support through the ticket section in your account.

Report that your phone has been lost and request the deactivation of the confirmation method for financial transactions via SMS.

After the deactivation request, a link will be sent to your email to complete the deactivation procedure for this confirmation method.

Please note that after disabling this confirmation method, your account will have a temporary restriction of 3 days for financial transactions.